On Demand

With FixFix, find a Fixer in your area right now in real time and track as they come to your door in less than one hour. No more waiting for hours!

Flat Rate

FixFix guarantees a flat rate of $100 no matter what solving the emergency called for. No more scams or hidden fees. Know what you’re paying and feel assured!

Any extra charges must be pre-approved.

Guaranteed Quality

With FixFix you can be assured you’re working with a qualified and vetted fixer who will do a great job, or your money back no questions asked!

Easy to Use, Guaranteed Prices

FixFix is simple with a recognizable interface. We'll send a fixer to your door within 45 minutes or Less.

All work is guaranteed and all prices flat rate. No scams or surprises.

No App To Download!

FixFix is a web based experience, there's no need to download an app or open an account! Simply log onto FixFix.com, request a fixer and enter in some basic information and we'll be on our way to the rescue!


Are You a Service Provider?

FixFix is accepting applications to join our network of service providers. No longer will you have to give away the majority of your fees to lead providers, FixFix takes only a small portion.

become a fixer or download the app